WAHA Annual Guide

The Annual Guide contains WAHA policies, bylaws, and the current WAHL rules.

State Bids

Awarding State Bids

  • Completed bid form and estimated budget are due no later than December 15.
  • Bid form to be posted at a later date.
  1. The bidding entity shall be required to operate these Championships within a budget. If there are additional costs involved in the operation of the Championships, the bidding entity is responsible for these costs, known or unknown at the time of this bid, and to work under the supervision of the WAHL Commissioner or representative for these events.
  2. The successful bidder will receive $150.00 per team attending their tournament from WAHL.
  3. Ice Resurfacing: It is recommended that the ice be resurfaced between the 2nd and 3rd period for all U18 and Bantam games. Additional resurfacing may be done at the discretion of the host association.
  4. WAHL Rules require a 4-man officiating crew for High School A & B and 3-Man for Bantam Age Division Playoff/ Championship Games. The 3-man system will be 1-Referee and 2- Linesman as per USA Hockey Playing Rules. An approved alternate to the 3-man system will be a 4-man system, 2-Referee's and 2-Linesman, as per USA Hockey Playing Rules.
  5. Use of "out-of-town" Officials is HIGHLY DESIRED for Playoff/Championship Games. Please figure per diem and/or lodging for these Officials in your bid. THost associations will not charge additional fees to attending teams.
  6. There will not be a gate fee to attend games.

All requirements must be met and will be checked for compliance prior to Award of bid. At the High School level(boys and girls) an association may not bid on both the A and B Division Tournaments where Junior or Senior games will be scheduled concurrently. Failure to comply will result in loss of any future State Tournaments.

Minimum Requirements to Host ALL Divisions

  • Must be at a rink located within the State of Wyoming.
  • Must have concessions with hot and cold, food and drinks.
  • Must hold a coaches meeting prior to the start of the tournament to discuss tournament rules and tie breaking situations.

Additional Requirements to Host High School A or B and Girls U19 Divisions

  • Must have medical personnel in attendance at all games.
  • Must work with Wyoming Officials Association and Referee in Chief to coordinate referees for all games.
  • Must have seating for a minimum of 300 spectators. 

Meeting Minutes

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