Team Manager - Overview

Getting Started

The team manager plays an important role our teams. He or she is the coordinator, communicator, organizer and all-around support for the team. They are the liaison between the head coach and the families. The team manager also helps the head coach with many administrative functions such as tournament registrations, team documents, scheduling and financial documents, plan and schedule off ice activities/team dinners, setup hotel blocks and many other tasks to help the team. This allows the head coach to focus on preparing and running practices and games. 

Being a team manager is a big job, so we hope that by providing you with some information that it will set you and your team up for success, both on and off the ice!

Many resources that you will need can be found in the Team Manager Google Drive Folder. All team managers and coaches have been given access.

Thank you for volunteering to be the Team Manager! Your role is crucial to the success of your team and their season. The following information has been gathered & compiled over the years by team managers; parents just like you; and is designed to help you be as successful as possible in your role. Important - It is impossible to document every scenario you will ever encounter in your role. If you ever have questions about anything, please always ask. We are here to help you.

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